The "Perfectly Imperfect" Collection

This collection is all about the real us & our true feelings. It all started when I found a vintage dress in my mom's closet and all my childhood memories were instantly brought in front of my eyes. I gathered all the pieces that were talking to my heart, from my mom's closet to my team's beloved main dressmaker. I focused on keeping the vintage feel of the designs, adding comfort and special new details. Also, I decided to make the whole process even more meaningful and sustainable. I searched a lot of fabric warehouses for vintage fabric leftovers. I discovered some beautiful old deadstock silks from the 90s and it felt like finding treasure. Matching this idea with my mom's emotional closet, it was love at first sight.

We tried to turn all these feelings to designs. To take our outfits to a whole new level. We started matching dresses + pants as a need to match our female + male selves, cause we all have both. And they deserve self-love. Designing the “Perfectly Imperfect” collection, there was one simple thought that kept coming to my head: I want to make clothes that make women happy. Clothes that give them the confidence they deserve & need. 

xxx, Ioanna

p.s The photoshooting was, also, something really personal & emotional. It took place at my favourite pastry shop "Bakas Patisserie" in the neighbourhood where I grew up in Nea Penteli, Athens.