The ROSES ARE RED girl is kind to herself and to others. She likes the small but meaningful moments, like enjoying a piece of chocolate, a long hot bath, a glass of good wine, a peaceful morning with a cup of coffee and a book. She knows that her dress and her heels are just the wrapping of her super power.

She appreciates quality, simplicity, nature and its gifts to us. She is a multitasker and a busy bee, but she always finds time for her loved ones. She has fears like everyone does, she connects with the universe when she is seeking for answers and hopes. She fights for human rights and justice. She has no rules when it comes to unconditional love and friendship. She gets angry, she makes mistakes. She is perfectly imperfect.



We try our best to be environmentally responsible and ethical to our partners and customers.

We use silk & other high-quality natural fabrics. Our viscoses are ECOVERO™, which means that they are sourced from responsibly managed forests.

We are local. We work with the most skilful Greek artisans. We design & produce all our collections in our atelier in Athens, minimising our carbon footprint.

We follow a zero-stock policy, minimising the waste.

Our goal is to provide value to both consumers and producers, while preserving the environment and using quality materials.  It's now time to spread the word: Buy less, but better.



The name of the brand is inspired by the love couplet "Roses are red, Violets are blue". Just as this couplet is the beginning of an incomplete poem, challenging you to continue the rhyme, ROSES ARE RED garments are made for you to continue their story, wearing them and living in their silk touch. Poetry meets fine garments, giving the freedom of silky feel, both on skin and mind.



After 15 years of corporate career in fashion marketing & PR in multinational companies in Paris, Brussels and Athens, Ioanna Tsigarida decided to make her dream come true and founded her silk clothing company ROSES ARE RED. With an academic background in management and finance, being a Paris XII and Piraeus University alumni, a masters degree in International Marketing & Innovation at the University of Lille in France and a Fashion Designer Diploma in Paris, Ioanna lived and drew inspiration between her two favorite countries, Greece and France. At the age of 22, she was already in the heart of the fashion industry, working in Paris Fashion Week. She collaborated with French fashion agencies, Haute Couture and moyenne/haute gamme designers, such as Dany Atrache, Aganovich, Malene Birger, Farah Angsana. Continuing her career in the luxury industry, she worked for the image making and network development of Lexus Europe in Brussels. Love brought her back to Athens to continue her life with her husband, their two kids & their fluffy cat. She is one of the first Greek fashion bloggers, with her blog JOANADDICTED.COM since 2007. In 2014, Ioanna founded her clothing company with a vision to simply create beautiful and honest garments, handcrafted by the most skilful Greek artisans, using the purest fabrics.