The signature piece of the SS15 collection.

Golden beige fabric: 100% silk

White fabric: 30% silk, 70% cotton

This refined garment reveals a whole new level of multiple styling choices as an innerwear or an outerwear piece. Except for a premium lounging gown, ROMANCE IN DISGUISE is also the ideal top layer for an impressive going-out outfit. Its structural design is studied in detail, achieving a perfect fit. It also comes as a set with an elegant innerwear dress or a silk top&bottom set, which you can find in the relevant categories of the menu and add it to your shopping card. The garment will be delivered to you in a custom box with its exclusive poem on a collectable letter.

This is a poem written by the designer for ROMANCE IN DISGUISE:

He used to say that romance is for movies

and that movies are for the romantics.

He made me promise that I’ll never cry on a sunrise.

Making jokes for all the love songs not just once but twice.

He is just a kid, I realized.

But when I woke up and I saw his misty eyes

It was when I knew that he was romance in disguise.