A 100% silk, see-through and delicate dressing gown for your lounging and intimate moments. The combination of two different silk fabrics, satin and georgette -both in romantic dusty pink color, highlight its detailed structure. You can accompany this dress with the silk dusty pink robe, which you can find in KIMONOS category and add it to your shopping card as well. The garment will be delivered to you in a custom box with its exclusive poem on a collectable letter.

This is a poem written by the designer for this delicate piece:

Before you go to bed, remember not to count your wishes.

Instead you can give goodnight kisses.

And while you are dreaming, remember to speak loud

so that I can find you in the crowd.

You must know this dream the day seizes

And before the day ends, the night misses.

Remember in this journey to wear a smooth gown

So that it’s easy for the way to be found.