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This premium 100% silk maxi lounging gown offers the most smooth feeling to start the day. DAYDREAMING silk kimono is the ideal garment for the Bride who wants to look effortlessly elegant during her preparation too. The golden beige tone finds its perfect match to the white silk satin fabric. The structural design gives a wings effect, allowing easy movements of the hands. You can complete the lounging outfit with its innerwear dress or its two-pieces silk set, which you can find in the relevant categories of the menu. The garment will be delivered to you in a custom box with its exclusive poem on a collectable letter.

The designer wrote this poem for the DAYDREAMING piece:

Addressing blossoms and ivory words to your skin,

red visions shout the blurry versions of green.

When you stand behind the window

and the light comes to peace,

it’s the moment when blue turns white

and sun’s yellow is what it seems.

And when window’s wall fills with colors and your painting is done,

It’s when black is ready to become

the brightest one.