This 100% cotton kimono addresses to men (or women!) who choose high quality in production and fabrics for their lounging garments too. Its design is studied in detail in order to achieve the perfect fit. The way that the belt is sewn and attached to the back surrounding the garment in a geometric pattern is the main characteristic of this piece. It, also, comes as a set with the blue cotton shorts, which you can, also, add to your shopping card, clicking the SHORTS category of the men's menu. The garment will be delivered to you in a custom box with its exclusive poem on a collectable letter.

The designer wrote a poem for this piece:

When others count sheep to sleep

You climb blue mountains and count stones.

When others want to know about the taste of water

you drink the sea and the sky’s blue changes a million tones.

And when the earth seems so empty and deep

you travel through air and suddenly count a million dawns.